When would you need one?

If you are wanting LIM type information about a property, but are not in a position to wait we will provide a LIS. Whilst we do not suggest that thus will replace a LIM, in many cases the LIS maybe an alternative to the consumer as there are advantages over a ‘normal’ LIM, most notably timing (48 hours) and the benefits of a site visit.

This document will present all other information normally accessed during the ‘LIM’ process. 


  • Carry out inspection of Council site file
  • List Land Rates and valuation (show any arrears). Show area m2.
  • List all permits / consents issued for the address and current status i.e. ‘Finalled’ or code of compliance issued / not issued.
  • List zone and any hazards registered, flooding, wind, instability.
  • Show storm water and waste / sewer services.
  • Include ‘as built’ drainage and site plan
  • List building restrictions, covenants
  • Show historic places status
  • Show proposed development or roading works planned
  • Visit site (not included in ‘normal’ LIM)
  • List any variations to file i.e. Un-Aurthorised works (sometimes missed in LIM). Council will have no knowledge of these unless applications for the works have been lodged.
  • Report available in 1 - 2 Working days approximately 

Can I have a LIS instead of a LIM?

Yes! However when completing your sale & Purchase agreement, simply instruct your agent to amend the provision for a LIM to “INDEPENDENT” Land information Search. Your purchase is the subject to your obtaining a satisfactory report on all records held by your local authority, similar to a LIM but quicker and of course includes a site visit.

All report can be requested from: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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